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PostSubject: Jarin   Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:16 pm


{ the basics }

{ name }
{ jarin }

{ pronounced }
{ j • air • in }

{ nickname }
{ n/a }

{ age }
{ 43 / forty • three }

{ gender }
{ male }

{ species }
{ were • bear }


{ on the outside }

{ hair }
{ black • wavy • long }

{ eyes }
{ cerulean blue }

{ height }
{ 6'2 }

{ build }
{ large • muscled • thick }

{ voice }
{ deep • throaty • smoky }

{ scars }
{ 3 claw marks upon his right shoulder • thick scar along right hip}


{ at the core }

Jarin is still considered a teenager at the age of forty-three and with good reason. Still young for a werebear, he has not fully mastered his body. He remains susceptible to the the change caused by anger or emotional imbalance. And he is quite the cantankerous male. His anger is easily aroused but he works hard mentally to keep his mind focused on his ultimate goal.

This ambition to rise in power and rank keeps him focused and alert. Still he isn't fully able to control every episode he has, but those setbacks bounce him back stronger than before. Trying his best to avoid a flare of rage, he is aloof and distant. This separation from his fellow tribe members has made him proud and domineering as he watches what he considers their inferior minds and bodies. However he does not flout in a superior way to others unless he finds it convenient. In fact, Jarin never does anything unless he has planned before hand and found the result to be in his best interest. He wants position and he will not get it by being petty. He proves instead through his meticulous work, his knowledge and when a fight between himself and another raging male, his ultimate victory in the end.

Serious and ambitious, Jarin is not just a mute wall of muscle. His body and mind work together to bring him closer and closer to what he ultimately wants. His ambitions have not gone unnoticed by the others, some of whom wisely stay out of his way, but the extent of what he desires, remains a secret.

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