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PostSubject: Asbjorn    Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:48 pm

General Information

Name: Asbjorn
Nickname: Bird brain, feather duster
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Old style golden eagle


Hair colour and length: Dark brown, and shoulder length usually tied back into a pony tail
Eye colour: Dark brown
Scars: Scar over his lip on the right side of his face, jagged scarring over his chest and arms not unlike sword slices or the claws of another creature
Tattoos: On three of his ribs on the left side are three names
Height: Roughly 6'3
Build: Muscular and powerful


Likes: A strong wind, the company of women, a good drink, flying, climbing buildings, a good look out point, his feathers being preened, fingers running through his hair
Dislikes: Wet feathers, Pythons, the stink of human motorized transport, ice on his wings
Personality: Easy going and carefree, he appears to be unburdened with the woes of the human world, he is content with his own lot in life having long accepted he is to hunt down various humans and creatures. Kill them then escape without being caught, he never minds a bit of female company whether they be Human or something else entirely. Quick to laugh and joke he often lightens the tension around people, although there are times when he is more likely to be cheekier and take more risks.

When he has his mind set on something he becomes fully focused on that thing and will stop at nothing to get it done or aquire it. As a friend he is loyal and willing to fight his friends battles without questions, slow to forgive and slower to forget wrongs done to him.  

Favourite Haunts: Rooftops, forests, taverns
Hobbies: Hunting, practicing his skills,


History: Born of two proud parents he grew up along side his older brother the two owning the skies and picking fights with the rival clans. Protective of his younger sister and brother he once beat up another eagle who had dared to spit on the name of his sister. He could also be found collecting shiny things for his younger brother to collect, blissfully unaware of his parents pasts before they had had their chicks.

He was out on a hunting trip when the neighbouring clan their clan had been warring against for millennia attacked their eeryie and killed his father and older brother whilst making off with his mother, sister and younger brother. Finding out what had happened sent the young proud beast into a fury, calling together some friends of the clan they raced to where the remnants of his family was held. In time to see them tear apart Addvar Asbjorn attacked the beasts responsible without mercy, in the end his chest and wings covered in wounds he and his allies were able to get away with the two females. Filled with a burning desire for revenge he lead his family to his uncle, the brother of his father and asked him to care for his mother and sister.

Ulfric noting his nephews unhealthy desire for revenge taught him how to defend himself in both eagle and human form whilst a human friend of his who was known for owning a house of pleasure taught him about moving undetected through the world as a human. He still occasionally visits his family, his mother never quite recovered from that night however his sister was able to adapt and made her own way. He spends his time hunting down those who took his family and others that were allied with them. He is also learning to follow in his father and uncles flight paths

Family: Son of Aili and Haldor, Older brother to Gytha and Addvar and younger brother to Balgruff
Weaknesses: He has a bad habit of flirting with ladies whether they're with someone or not, he's proud of his heritage and family, his temper when riled does not cool off easily. His particular clan is weak to Lead and mercury
Strengths: Naturally fast and strong from his eagle blood, keen eye sight, the ability to take the form of a golden eagle

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