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 Diego De La Rosa

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PostSubject: Diego De La Rosa   Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:50 am


{ the basics }

{ name }
{ diego de la rosa }

{ pronounced }
{ dee • egg • oh }

{ nickname }
{ n/a }

{ age }
{  28 • twenty-eight }

{ gender }
{ male }

{ nationality }
{ england • spain }


{ on the outside }

{ hair }
{ dark brown • short }

{ eyes }
{ dark blue }

{ height }
{ 6'0 }

{ build }
{ muscled • heavy }

{ voice }
{ raspy • accented }

{ tattoos }
{ left shoulder / arm •click•
right arm / shoulder and back •click• }


{ at the core }

Diego is a stoic man who does not bode well with overabundant emotions, it is one of the reasons he does well in his various jobs. Detached and calm under duress, hes almost mechanical in his actions. He learned early on that the only way to succeed in the cold world was to be equally as cold, quickly developing a careful disposition.

Despite being the more quiet and observant, with a great ear for listening, Diego is by no means boring. To leave him out of any sort of fun or adventure is a personal offense, which is why his long-time friendship with Antonio works so well. However, he feels as though sometimes he's just tagging along with Antonio to make sure the other male doesn't come to extreme harm. Which is quite unfortunate as Diego dislikes noise and crowded areas, places Antonio apparently lives for. Acting like an older brother and worrying constantly about Antonio has taken it's toll but his sense of duty and loyalty to his friend prevents him from striking out on his own.

He's come to a sort of standstill in life, reaching the pinnacle of his life apparently. The thought that this is all he will ever amount to leaves an uncomfortable pit in his stomach, he knows there is more out there and craves to discover what else he can do. Diego has no intentions to stop the excitement of his current life, but actively seeks something... Precisely what he desires is beyond him... Perhaps he will discover it with time.
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Diego De La Rosa
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