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 Antonio San Miguel

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PostSubject: Antonio San Miguel   Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:29 am


{ the basics }

{ name }
{ antonio san miguel }

{ pronounced }
{ ant • oh • nee • oh }

{ nickname }
{ toni • tonio }

{ age }
{  28 • twenty-eight }

{ gender }
{ male }

{ nationality }
{ spain }


{ on the outside }

{ hair }
{ brown • long • messy }

{ eyes }
{ green }

{ height }
{ 6'2 }

{ build }
{ muscled • lean • tall }

{ voice }
{ clear • spanish accent • deep }

{ tattoos }
{ left arm •click• }


{ at the core }

Without a shred of doubt, Antonio is the more troublesome of the traveling pair. An outgoing risk taker who never backs down from a fight, no matter how against him the odds are, he'll jump into the fray without a second thought as to safety and precaution. To him life is all about the thrills, the adrenaline and all the trouble he can get into. He believes himself impossibly charming, and loves to flirt and woo any girl he lays his eyes on.

His personality at a calmer level easily translates into someone who just wants to have fun and he quite enjoys making others have as much as fun as himself. To him that is the perfect goal and though he is realistically knows not everyone will follow along, he constantly uses his spontaneous, active and somewhat assertive personality to get people going with his flow.

He has his flaws however, the male can simply not stick to any form of commitment, he hates planning and routine and he does not bode well with isolation in the least. That is why he depends so much on his childhood friend Diego. He tags along with his friend just for the thrills, and admits that he is just taking advantage of the long-suffering Diego/ He often wonders how far he can push his friend, what point the other will simply not be able to shrug it off. For now that's his simple goal, push Diego until he explodes and woo all the ladies he can along the way.
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Antonio San Miguel
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