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 Nikau Parata

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PostSubject: Nikau Parata   Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:31 pm

General Information

Name: Nikau Parata
Nickname: poriro, koati, roro manu
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Species: Kea


Hair colour and length: Black, with fringe and slight waves
Eye colour: Dark brown
Scars: freckles over his cheeks and nose, old deep scar on the side of his knee
Tattoos: none
Height: Still growing
Build: skinny and gangly


Likes: Kai, stealing, making mischief, having a laugh
Dislikes: Teachers, obeying figures of authority, narks
Personality: A double dose of mischief and mayhem, peoples wallets and personal items are not safe in the vicinity of this young boy. Whip smart and street smart, hes cheeky and has a bad habit of irritating the local police  
Favourite Haunts: The skies, lurking
Hobbies: Getting into trouble, making a quick buck


History: Born and raised in NZ, he grew up speaking Te reo maori. His father had left his mother before he'd been born, he was the third child, a year younger than Ari and Marika the twins. His mother eventually settled down with a new man,  and he found himself big brother to Tane, Wikitoria and Kauri who were born in the short span of five years. His step dad Henare was fond of gambling and drinking and would often come home drunk, the normally kind enough bloke became someone different. He quickly became the one who would hide his siblings when it became clear trouble would begin.

At the maori speaking school he attended he appeared to pay little attention in class, preferring to play up and be the class clown. After school and in the holidays he would hang out with the gang of other kids that had a couple of his cousins in it. They'd steal and avoid the local police where they could, he kept his siblings from talking to the teachers about the increasing abuse at home as he knew that the government systems would split them up.

Mother - Katarina
Father - Tamati
Step father - Henare
Half sisters - Ari, Marika, Wikitoria
Half Brothers - Tane, Kauri,
Cousins - Tai, Matiu, Amaia, Tui, Tia, Manawa

Weaknesses: Can't keep his mouth shut, poor grammar, can't help himself when it comes to making trouble, Allergic to lead and peanuts
Strengths: Whip smart, street savvy, cunning, opportunistic

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Nikau Parata
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