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 Nimue Smith

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PostSubject: Nimue Smith   Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:23 pm

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Nimue Smith

Gender: Female
Age: Ageless, October 15th
Species: Rusalka

Appearance: Nimue is a beautiful woman, seemingly in her
early to mid 20s. She stands at 5'3 and is rather petite in form. Her red hair
falls to about her mid back when it's down, her eyes are hazel, and she's very
fair. She can usually be found in 'nice' clothing such as dresses.

Personality: She can be very cold when first meeting her,
viewing most with an air of distrust. Her wrath is not something one wants to
incur. She dislikes men with wandering eyes, who cheat or view women as
objects, often leading these to their graves. If she found someone she could
trust, she could become a very warm person towards them.

History: Nimue was born in Georgia in the year 1820. She
was born on a plantation to a wealthy family. Her father pursued strange
hobbies, such as the study of European lore, especially Arthurian. She
eventually fell in love with a man named William and married him. William
turned his gaze onto another instead however, and led Nimue to the river one
night, drowning her. She never got revenge on him, but she has led many
others to their deaths since then. She will never grow old and never be free.

Abilities: Her singing voice can cause anyone sexually
interested in women to become entranced by her, should she so choose. She
must stay somewhat near a freshwater source, near enough to return to it ever
couple of days, mostly doing so at night.

FC: Holland Roden
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Nimue Smith
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