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PostSubject: Khadgar   Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:57 pm

Mage, Bookworm

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Class: Mage

Appearance: Khadgar stands at around 5'11. He is dark of
hair and tends to keep a small amount of facial hair, neatly trimmed. His attire
is modest, cloth shirt and pants with boots and usually a cloak about him.

History: (Following the movie.) Khadgar was born into a
somewhat large family and sent off to study with the Kirin Tor at the age of 6.
He ended up running from the order, bringing some shame to himself and to his
family, which he never saw again. His life was fairly quiet, mostly books and
studies until he felt himself drawn to the presence of Fel energy. He ended up
fighting orcs and saving his world along with some others. He even found the
ability to purify Fel within himself, at least temporarily. The Kirin Tor offered
him a position as the new Guardian and Khadgar promptly refused the offer.

Abilities: A very strong mage, though not fully trained and
without some of the discipline of seasoned mages. The majority of his power
lies in the arcane, but frost and fire are not beyond him. Arguably the strongest
mage in existence.

FC: Ben Schnetzer

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