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 Adrian Dalca

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PostSubject: Adrian Dalca   Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:33 pm

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Adrian Dalca

Gender: Male
Age: 27, October 1st

Basic Looks: Adrian has an athletic build and does have
some muscle to him. He stands tall at 6'3" and could serve well as some
kind of guard. He has black hair and brown-grey eyes that can occasionally
look lighter depending on the light.

Personality: Adrian can either be grumpy or ridiculous
and there is no inbetween, but he has a good heart and is incredibly
protective towards his sister. He's good to have in a fight.

History: Adrian was born on the shores of modern day Romania,
bordering the Black Sea. He is from the Ottoman Empire. His mother was poor,
a house-maid, and unwed. His father was a wealthy Englishman by the name of
Julian, a man whom he never met. From what he heard, stories he never
believed, Julian had been a good man. Why would a good man abandon his
pregnant mother? At the age of 18, he took it upon himself to go to England and
confront this man, learning that Julian had been married the whole time and
meeting Maria, his half sister. Maria was two years younger than he and
seemed somewhat discontented with the life. Eventually, he whisked her away
before their father could marry her off. They ended up taking what jobs they
could get together, including piracy. Adrian is actually quite good with a gun
and sword. English is a second language for him, he's still working on it. He
is also working on reading with his sister. He also still has his Romanian accent.

Parents: Julian Taylor, Natasha Dalca
Siblings: Maria Taylor (half-sister)
Other Family: Ellen (wife to father)
Children: None.

Orientation: Unknown
Status: Single
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Adrian Dalca
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