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 Maria Taylor

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PostSubject: Maria Taylor   Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:17 pm

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Maria Taylor
"Pretty Thing"

Gender: Female
Age: 25, December 16th

Basic Looks: Maria is a very beautiful woman, something
she has learned to use to her advantage when she needs to. She stands at 5'3,
a full foot shorter than her brother. Her hair is a dark brown, almost black. Her
eyes are a grey blue shade. She is comfortable both in nice dresses and men's
clothing, as well as light armor.

Personality: Though she many look perfect to be a damsel
in distress, she tries her hardest never to be. She's a gentle being, though she
can be quite the contender in a sword fight, often using her short stature to her
advantage. She loves music and tends to stick close to her brother at most
times, relying on him more than she would ever admit.

History: Maria is from a very privileged background. Her
father and mother were both important in their own rights and their marriage
was one of alliances and titles. She tends not to ever go into detail about the
rankings or titles, however. The family was wealthy and normal and she grew
up in Cornwall in England. When she was 16, a young man turned up on their
doorstep looking for her father. This young man was eventually learned to be
her half-brother, Adrian. He stayed nearby, much to her pleasure and her
father's displeasure. The two grew close, learning from each other. When it
came time for Maria's Season, she found she hated everything about the
pageantry and Adrian offered to help her run away. She's been gaining skills
as a swordsman and a surgeon ever since, taking what jobs she and her
brother can find together, whether it be legal or illegal.

Parents: Julian and Ellen Taylor
Siblings: Adrian Dalca (half-brother)
Other Family: None of consequence.
Children: None.

Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
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Maria Taylor
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