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 Noah Waitt (Sariel)

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PostSubject: Noah Waitt (Sariel)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:50 pm

General Information

Name: Sariel
Nickname: Noah Waitt
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen angel/Demon


Hair colour and length: Blonde curly hair, however sometimes he'll dye it black
Eye colour: Blue
Scars and skin: Large scars down his back where wings once were, pale complexion
Tattoos: Black and white wolves on his chest over his heart
Height: 1.88 meters
Build: Lean and Lanky


Likes: .
Dislikes: .
Favourite Haunts: .
Hobbies: ,


History: The angel of guidance, he lived in heaven with his brothers and sisters, cast out of heaven for urging a human to sin. He was thrown down into hell where he spent thousands of years, eventually becoming an angel-demon hybrid. Once out of hell his angel side urged him to do the right thing where as the demon side of him is constantly battling wanting to deal out punishment to the humans that got him thrown out of his home.

Weaknesses: Holy oil, Salt, Iron, devils traps
Strengths: Unnaturally strong, able to use some magic, able to bend people to his will
Preferred Weapon: His angel blade he still retains

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Noah Waitt (Sariel)
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