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PostSubject: Oliver   Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:54 pm

General Information

Name: Oliver
Nickname: Ollie
Age: 22
Gender: male
Species: Shadow Mastr
Soul Shadow: Black mamba and a Wolverine


Hair colour and length: Blonde hair, sometimes cropped short or down to jaw
Eye colour: Blue eyes
Scars and skin: Scars around his neck
Tattoos: none
Height: 1.87 m
Build: Well built, muscled


Likes: Needling people, taking things by force, mocking people torturing people
Dislikes: Loosing out,
Personality: Very sly, slimy and creepy, he stalks and follows people at his mistresses requests, he is excellent at getting underneath peoples skins. Sly and intelligent once he is focused on a target it is very hard to get him onto something else.
Instead of his soul shadow having one shape it has two suggesting the complexity and depravity of his soul and self

Favourite Haunts: .
Hobbies: Stalking his sister, torturing people, making people uncomfortable


History: Raised as Ices golden child he was twisted and perverted into the creature he is today, somewhere along the way he became acquainted with Lana and thus works for both Ice and lana with an unhealthy obsession with his sister he searches for her. in his spare time
Mother - Sofia
Father - Ivan
Sister - Daniella
Grandmother - Ice
Grandfather - Fenrir
Great Grandfather - Graham
Aunt - Jet
Cousin - Claire

Weaknesses: .
Strengths: good at getting at people, was engineered to have a higher tolerance for silver
Preferred Weapon: His way of getting underneath peoples skin

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