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 Kato Tamunosak ~ The Moor, Captain

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PostSubject: Kato Tamunosak ~ The Moor, Captain   Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:10 pm

Kato Tamunosak

'The Moor'
Captain of the Crow

Gender: Male
Age: 37, July 17th

Appearance: Kato is dark skinned, even for a Moor.
He has a large, flat nose and large lips. He has short, dark
hair, when his head is not shaved. He leaves a bit of a
mustache and beard. He's well muscled and stands at
around 6'0" His back is covered with scars from a whip.

Personality: Kato's not exactly the warm-fuzzy type.
He will not hesitate to kill a man, even in cold blood. He was
raised to be able to do so, as a warrior of his people and as
a slave. He keeps himself extremely distanced from everyone,
including his crew, and has an icy edge to him.

History: Kato was born in Nigeria, at a young age,
he was taken and sold to a family in the southern portion
of America. All slaves on his plantation were required to
learn the English language, and to be able to read and write.
At the age of 19, he was caught in an uprising. The family
was slaughtered by the slaves as they made an escape. He
became a passenger on a rather shady ship, the Crow, and
eventually worked his way to becoming the captain of it.

Strong: Heavy labor, sword fighting.
Weak: Guns.
Crush/Girlfriend: Impress him.
Weapons: A massive looking Scimitar.
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Kato Tamunosak ~ The Moor, Captain
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