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PostSubject: Peachblossom   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:48 am

Other Characters:  Ashfall, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshiregrin, Claire, Daniella, Embershard, Forsakensoul, Frozenfeather, Ghost, Honeybadger, Jestergrin, Lana,  Maplebreeze, Melissa, Mistypelt, Mustangspirit, Olivia, Peachblossom,  Rosethorn, Shadowheart, Sky, Sofia, Silverfern, Steel, Stormblade, Sunheart,  Ted, Thomas, Willowmist


The Basics

Name: Peachpup → Peachpaw → Peachblossom
Gender:  Male
Species:  Mexican xGreat plains wolf / Arctic wolf
Clan:  Sunclan
Rank:  Pup → Apprentice → Warrior
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 3 Moons

Skill Points
Agility: 7
Defense: 2
Coat Color:  Different hues of ginger
Fur Markings and Scars:  A few white hairs sprinkled through his coat
Eye color: Gold-Yellow

Pessimistic: Peach always anticipates undesirable outcomes or believes that the evil or hardships in life outweigh the good or luxuries, the glass is always half empty with him. He can be found debating the meaning of life and having existential crises where he realizes that there is no real point to life and whats the point of trying when in the end it will mean nothing.
Depressed: Underneath his Grumpy and Pessimistic side he is quite depressed and this is one of his underlying reasons for not wanting to have anything to do with anyone else as after all they don't need him hes replaceable. he never talks about his depression to anyone and hides it as best as he can with his natural grumpiness.  
Grumpy: This is how he comes across to most, he has little tolerance for others and will constantly roll his eyes and mutter to himself underneath his breath. He makes sure everyone know how unwilling he is to do things with others by complaining and often muttering unflattering things about them to himself
Likes: Being by himself, sitting and thinking
Dislikes: The sun, The wind, The rain, the cold, the heat, other wolves, loud noises, pups, gatherings
Fears: Watching the deaths of those he loves


History: born into Sunclan the sour patch was the fourth to be born

Friends - Peach has a poor opinion of most of the other wolves in the clan, describing them as having "No brain at all, some of them", "only grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake" This means to become his friend is something that is rather special and to be allowed to see the thoughts that go on apart from the grumpy and pessimistic nature that most are blocked out with.
Acquaintances - Most of the wolves in the clans are considered mere acquaintances and don't get any further than that due to his reluctance to let others into his heart.
StrangersThese are wolves he doesn't yet know and has little interest in, why talk to people he doesn't know after all
Enemies - Although he'd have you believe that the world is his enemy he naturally has very few. To hate someone that is an enemy requires too much effort he'd rather just dislike everyone
Current Enemies: Specklefrost and Robinwish
Father: Ashfall
Mother: Specklefrost
Adopted Mother: Heatherfrost
Siblings: Blackthorn, darkstorm, littleberry, Stormlight

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