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PostSubject: Stormlight   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:48 am

Other Characters:  Ashfall, Blackaddder, Cheshiregrin,  Embershard, Forsakensoul, Frozenfeather, Ghost, Honeybadger, Jaques, Lana, Lilacsplash, Maplebreeze, Melissa, Mustangspirit, Peachblossom, Pixieflight, Rain, Rosethorn, Shadowheart, Sky, Silverfern, Steel, Stormblade, Ted, Willowmist


The Basics

Name: stormpup → Stormpaw → Stormlight
Gender:  Female
Species:  Mexican x Great plains wolf / Arctic wolf
Clan:  Sunclan
Rank:  Pup → Apprentice → Warrior
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 6 Moons

Skill Points
Agility: 4
Defense: 0
Coat Color:  Storm has a blue-gray pelt
Fur Markings and Scars: from her chin to her underbelly, her fur is a lighter shade
Eye color: Bright yellow

Tough - Despite her appearance, Storm is a tough fighter who likes action, the hunt, and fighting, not afraid of hard work either she puts most of her energy into working up her fiitness and ability. she dosent like relying on others to help and is very determined that she can do it by herself. Because of the tough standards she sets herself she often looks this way upon others as well.
Judgmental - However Storm is very Dismissive and Judgmental towards others who don't meet her standards of Courage and strength, she looks down her nose at them or ignores them completely. She wont associate herself with those she considers idiots or as she calls them 'milk drinkers' It is rather hard for one to manage to actually meet her standards as they are set rather high.
Impatient -  She is impatient and abrasive, being rather critical of others. She has no time for excuses or complaints, and often will study others before critically informing them on how they could improve their hunting or fighting techniques. She hates sitting around in camp doing nothing, and is often rather impatient to be out doing something particularly hunting as it gives her a thrill she loves.
Dependable - Once her respect and trust has been earnt however, Stormlight is a strong and dependable friend although still being rather sarcastic, she is always there for the few that she cares about and is always there to back them up or give them a kick in the right direction.

Likes: The hunt, Challenges, strength, a good battle
Dislikes: Milk drinkers, weaklings, her honor being questioned
Fears: Loosing her ability to hunt and fight


History: This powerful pup was the third to be born, she had little time to get to know her family and siblings before her mother took Darkpup, Blackpup and Littlepup with her and vanished. Looking after her little brother he became the only wolf that didn't meet her standards of toughness that she'd still spend time with. She had a rough time of it, as with only Peachpup for company she didn't know how to play with the other pups and often got glared at by their mother. By the time Heatherfrost got involved it was too late and she was already on the path that would lead to her being who she was, when her mother Returned Storm didn't quite know how to handle her and so elected to keep to herself to try and figure out how she feels about it all.

Friends - stormis very protective of her friends and family, although she will still remain quite sarcastic her words become more teasing and she will frequently test her friends mettle. Be it with practice fights or hunting together
Acquaintances - Wolves and dogs that she dosen't know are dismissed and often looked down upon until they prove themselves to be sufficient hunters and warriors. She has no interest in those that whine and complain.
StrangersShe can be quite hostile and very dismissive to strangers, unless they prove themselves only then will they gain her respect. She will not hesitate in teaching strangers a lesson if they test her temper or attempt to mosey their way onto the territory.
Enemies - Enemies are considered honorless and worse than Rouges they are met with fierce words and a readyness to put them back into their place.
Father: Ashfall
Mother: Specklefrost
Siblings: Blackthorn, darkstorm, Peachblossom, littleberry

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