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PostSubject: Bramblerose   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:50 am

Other Characters: Ashfall, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshire ,Claire, Curlyriver, Cloudfang, Dappledforest, Delilah, Dragonsteel, Embershard, Frozenfeather, Glittershine, Honeybadger, Jesterfang, Lana,  Maplebreeze, Melissa,  Peachblossom,  Rosestar, Shadowheart,  Silentstorm, Silverfern, Stormblade, Stormlight, Sunheart,   Timescatter/Spacedust, Tremblecloud, Willowmist, Windfleck

The Basics
Name: Pixiepup -> Pixiepaw -> Pixieflight-> Bramblerose
Gender: Female
Clan: Stormclan -> Shadowclan
Rank: Pup -> Apprentice -> young warrior
Allignment: Chaotic Good

Coat Color: Red
Fur Markings and Scars: She has a white bottom jaw, throat as well as the insides of her legs are also white as is her belly. The tuft at the end of her tail is a brownish black
Eye color: brown

Skill Points
Strength:  9
Agility: 15
Defense:  6
HP: 35/35


Cold - After Jaydust's untimely death, any happy parts of her personality were killed, now most of the time she feels cold to the point of feeling numb. She watches the world without any real feeling or caring about whats going on, doing as she's told with no spirit or bite left in her. She constantly thinks and mourns her Jaydust, and dosent care what other wolves think of their union that went against the warrior code. How could they understand after all? how could something that had brought her such happiness been wrong? Thanks to the events she's pulled away from any friends she has and has become somewhat of a loner
Hollow- Bramble feels as though there is a hollow place inside of her where her heart once was, this hollowness shows throug her eyes and the way she preforms duties to the clan. Somewhat jerkily as if being badly puppeted by someone, words of others seem to have no effect on the red wolf, and she often leaves camp to shades outlook to sit upon the rocky outcropping and stare over the territory, usually in thunderclans direction.
bitter - Bitter that the warrior code meant her love for Jaydust was illegal, Bramblerose has little faith in it and thus snorts or sneers slightly when other wolves start parroting about it. With no patriotism left in her to do with Shadowclan she only hunts and patrols because she's not sure she could survive on her own, indeed if she was on her own she'd likely just lie down and wait to die. Her bitterness fills every fiber of her body and mixes with the hollowness and cold feelings that fill her when she speaks which slowly becomes rarer and rarer
Dark - with the bitterness came a hatred for starclan and everything it stands for, the darkness currently only has seeds in her heart but have the basic thought process of if the only way she can be with Jaydust again is to go to the dark forest then so be it

Likes: Being alone, being away from camp, watching the stars, staying busy so she dosent think about what happened to her
Dislikes: Her father, her mentor, being in camp, listening to the happiness of others, laughter, the warrior code,
Fears: That the coldness within her will kill her or leave her with nothing, that Jaydust will be stuck in the dark forest forever


History: Bornof Aurafrost and Reddust as a pup she was the apple of his eye, always happy and bouncy. As an apprentice that changed when her mentor never did any work with her alway skiving off to be with her father. Resentment grew and changed her to become cold on the inside putting off the feelings and bottling them up as she wanted her father to be happy. Who was she to stop him from having a family again? She herself would never be good enough after all. Everything truly changed when her father and mentor missed her warrior ceremony as they were too busy being with each other. When Blackwidow returned anad had the gall to drag Pixies mother into things without even knowing her. Pixie lashed out at her and left the camp, going to The thunderclan border where she met Jaydust the two talked isntead of going to the gathering and made an agreement to meet again. Returning to camp her father tried to talk to her only to be denied that as she talked to him exactly like her mother would have and left him to his thoughts. When Stormclan split and became two, Bramblerose followed her cold dying heart and followed the Shadowclan wolves finding Graystars method of ruling too soft for her liking. Despite the split Bramblerose Remained close with Jaydust, one day meeting at their border they left to go to a loner territories where she finally told him how she felt, before he could reply a two leg shot her love and after trying to save him she took him back to thunderclan.

Friends - Jaydust, Minkfur
Acquaintances her clan
Enemies - Blackwidow
Mother: Aurafrost
Father: Reddust
Mentor: Blackwidow
Apprentice: Antpaw
crush: Jaydust
Mate: Jaydust/i]
Pups: None

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