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PostSubject: Silentstorm   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:53 am

Other Characters: Ashfall, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshiregrin, Claire, Daniella, Dragonsteel, Embershard, Forsakensoul, Frozenfeather, Ghost, Honeybadger, Jestergrin, Lana, Lilacsplash, Maplebreeze, Melissa, Mistypelt, Mustangspirit, Olivia, Peachblossom,  Rosethorn, Shadowheart, Silentstorm, Sky, Sofia, Silverfern, Stormblade, Sunheart, Ted, Thomas, Willowmist

The Basics
Name: Silentpup → Silentpaw → Silentstorm
Gender:   Male
Species:  Mixed bred of several different species
Clan:  Riverclan
Rank:  Pup
Alignment: Neutral
Age: Six moons

Skill Points
Agility: 3

Skill Points
Agility: 6
Defense: 5

Skill Points
Agility: 10
Defense: 10

Coat Color:  Blue-grey
Fur Markings and Scars: Lighter grey on his belly and chest, silvery grey on lower jaw and sides of cheek. Dark grey-blue tail tip and paws
Eye color: Dark Purple

Silent - As his name implies this fellow is silent, he prefers to not waste his words on people when he can talk better with his body language. He's never found anyone who genuinely wants to listen to what he has to say, which has made him all the more reclusive when it comes to his words. His lack of words has  lead to several of the clan believing he cannot speak which is not true, on the odd occasion he will growl or whine but genuine words are out of reach for most.
Intelligent - Despite his lack of speech Silent is highly intelligent, able to piece together and figure out how others work through observing them long enough. Its like a puzzle that he enjoys putting together as it also encourages his brain to work and use itself. He particularly enjoys a good challenge of the mind such as problem solving.
Intense - Even without speaking is very intense which is shown in his unusual vibrant purple eyes, they are focused and shine with the intelligence that hides within him. When he does opt to speak he is passionate and cares very deeply about what he is saying. A little on the negative side he has issues seeing the world as a bright happy place as he lives in the shadows
Loner - Preferring to be on his own, he usually appears to ignore the others around him, often moving himself away to sit in the shadows by himself learning how the various puzzles of the wolves fit together. Occasionally he'll wander out of camp and go off by himself to sit somewhere and just listen to the world as it moves past him, although quite happy on his own there is a small part of him that wishes for someone who understands him, who genuinely wants to listen to what he hsa to say
Observer - While sitting by himself he watches how everyone else interacts with one another, taking in how they work almost as if watching a faintly interesting movie. As such he often knows far more about clan life and the underworkings of the clan than most realize, a surprising wealth of information he never offers this information unasked.
Distant - Silent has no close connections with anyone in the clan or anyone at all, thus he is quite unemotional and offers no real sympathy when things happen to the wolves of the clan that dosent effect him. He likes being distant as it means he is usually unaffected when things happen or go wrong. To him everyone is part of a movie and he is no more invested in their lives than a rabbit cares about a cow.  
Likes: Sitting in the shadows, watching, listening, observing, not being noticed, learing how others work, puzzles
Dislikes: Having to talk, the spotlight focused on him, After taste of medical herbs
Fears: Monsters, public speaking

History: Born to two Riverclan wolves a few months after the split of stormclan the life of a riverclan wolf is all he knows. His sister Glitterpup always made sure to steal the attention of their parents leaving the Silent to the side, he soon adapted it and started to embrace not being noticed he could learn so much more when he was being over looked.

Friends  Its only with true friends that the odd pup breaks his silence and speaks, rather intense in his thoughts and beliefs he is very picky with whom he shares his words so if he speaks to you listen carefully he has a unique perspective of the world
AcquaintancesThis is everyone he knows, he often observes, watches how their lives are playing out with no real connection to their lives and little care of what is happening to them
StrangersWolves that he hasn't met yet that he shows no real interest in, unless they make themselves appear interesting they fail to capture his attention and he retreats to the shadows to wolf watch
EnemiesAt this stage, Silent dosent care enough about others to even really think about wasting time with 'enemies' an enemy would have to be someone who'd done something serious to him or one of the few wolves he cares about. An enemy would be treated to a growl or a look that demands they depart his presence
Father: Rippleclaw
Mother: Mosspool
Siblings: [i]Glitterpup (Shine) – if you're keen on rping his sister pm me

Relatives: na
Mate: na
Pups: na

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