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PostSubject: Shadowheart   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:54 am

Other Characters:Ashfall, Blackaddder, Bramblerose, Cheshire ,Claire, Curlyriver, Cloudfang, Dappledforest, Delilah, Dragonsteel, Embershard, Frozenfeather, Glittershine, Honeybadger, Jesterfang, Lana,  Maplebreeze, Melissa,  Peachblossom,  Rosestar, Shadowheart,  Silentstorm, Silverfern, Stormblade, Stormlight, Sunheart,   Timescatter/Spacedust, Tremblecloud, Willowmist, Windfleck

The Basics
Name: Logan -> Shadowheart
"Shadow for the colour of your fur, and heart for the chivalrous one you possess"
Gender: Male
Clan: Loner ->  Thunderclan
Rank: Warrior
Alignment: Lawful


Coat Color: Blacker than coal
Fur Markings and Scars: Large scar wrapping up his left leg and onto his chest
Eye color: warm gold

Skill Points

Agility: 12
Defense: 3
HP: 40/40

Personality: Logan is a wolf who is Chilvarous, brave, kind and caring, he does his best to protect those who cannot protect themselves and he places a high value on honor among wolves. He dislikes sneaking around and lying to others, preferring to be very upfront about his opinions, he is also as stubborn as a donkey, if he dosen't like something he won't do it. He follows what his heart tells him even if it breaks the code he normally lives by. Hes kind to all, unless he catches them being cruel to someone else. However, Logan finds it very very difficult to forgive those who have wronged him, although he may not show much of it on the outside on the inside he's very numb towards those who've wronged him or those he loves.
Likes: Hunting, spending time with those he cares about, relaxing
Dislikes: Two legs, Disloyalty, Betrayal, cruelness
Fears: Never finding a new place for him to live and heal

History: Logan was born and raised in a large pack, his father exiled and his mother having no interest in her pups lead Logan to practically raise his younger brother Red. When his brother was two years old, red vanished leaving Logan feeling betrayed and heart broken. He eventually found Amanda who healed his aching heart and they had pups together, unfortunately for him two leggers came to 'cull' off the large pack, his mate and their pups were killed. Ever since Logan has been wandering burning with a loathing for two leggers. He recently joined Thunderclan after a young warrior brought him to the clans camp when he was badly wounded from a piece of barbed wire. To thank the clan for their kindness he chose to join.

Friends - none
Acquaintances - Thunderclan
Strangers - them he dosen't know
Enemies - Two leggers
Mother: Lily
Father: Oak
Siblings: red
Crush: None
mate: Amanda
pups: Grace
Apprentice :

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