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 Merlin ~ Jonathon Emeriss

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PostSubject: Merlin ~ Jonathon Emeriss   Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:43 pm

Jonathon Emeriss

'Merlin', 'Emrys'
The Last Dragonlord
The 'Young' Warlock

Gender: Male
Age: ??, Appears 18 or so.

Appearance: Merlin is rather pale with black hair
and blue eyes. His ears are a bit large but they seem to
suit him. He stands at 6' and is on the thinner side. His
style of dress has changed with the times, normally
wearing a red, blue or black tee shirt and a zip-up
hoodie paired with jeans and tennis shoes.

Personality: Merlin is selfless, heroic, protective,
honorable, noble, brave, modest, empathetic, kind,
caring, optimistic, compassionate, intelligent, and wise.
In the beginning, he is also seen to be rather naive and
idealistic. He shows exceptional talent and potential in
his magical abilities and his enthusiasm to further his
education despite the risks carried with using magic. He
can be outspoken and slightly foolish.

History: Merlin was born in Ealdor, a small
outlying village in Cenred's  Kingdom. His mother
was Hunith, his father a Dragonlord named Balinor.
When he was eighteen his mother sent him to her
friend Gaius for help controlling his magic. Merlin
became Arthur's manservant after he saved him from
being impaled by a dagger thrown. Later on, he found
his father only to watch him then die. He fell in love
once, with a girl named Freya. Freya was later killed
by the unknowing Arthur, who believed she was a beast.
Freya's spirit became the Lady of the Lake. He released
the Great Dragon, Kilgharrah, and controlled him until
the dragon passed away shortly after Arthur's death. He
killed the evil Lady Morgana and lost Arthur in the process.
Well over a thousand year later, Merlin still lives in the
modern world as a very old Emrys, waiting for the day
that Arthur will once again rise.

Abilities: Sorcery, extreme magical resilience,
immortality, expert swordsman and crossbowman
(learned from Arthur), skilled physician (learned from
Gaius). Many of these are no longer useful.

Strong: Magic, first aid.
Weak: Physical strength.
Crush/Relationship: None.
Weapons: Magic.
Old Man: Here.
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Merlin ~ Jonathon Emeriss
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