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PostSubject: Stonepool   Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:07 pm

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The Basics
Name: Stonepup – Stonepaw – Stonepool
Nicknames: Stoney, Punpool
Gender:  Male
Species: Iberian Wolf
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Young Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 3 years

Skill Points
Agility: 10
Defense: 8

Coat Color: Blue
Fur Markings and Scars: Grey stripe, blue covering, slightly lighter blue chest and face and inside of ears
Eye color: Gold
Build: On the larger side but sleek and well muscled

Kind dork – Not afraid to look a little goofy or seem like a dork, the male is kind to those that need it, able to talk kindly to others without talking down to them. He has a good heart and wants what is best for the clan, and is willing to go out and freeze during leaf bare to bring back food for the others.
Good sense of humour – He’s able to find the funny in most things and is able to laugh things off like they don’t bother him, he’ll joke about to bring others up so they don’t feel so glum and delights in finding others who have a similar sense of humour to him. He loves to laugh and enjoys making others laugh along with him, even if sometimes its at his own expense, he’s never above becoming a comedian and making fun of himself to help others frowns turn upside down.
Laid back – About most things, Stone is rather laid back, small worries don’t bother him and he’s happy to lie in a patch of sun and share tongues with a friend while time passes by. His laid back nature is handy when doing border patrols as even despite tempers flaring he can be depended upon to not get flustered and keep an even head. Usually displacing tension with a well placed joke which sometimes can back fire, either way he’s not worried.
Pun master – Stones ultimate weakness is his love of bad puns, the worse the better in his opinion, and he wont hold back. He enjoys sharing his puns with anyone and everyone and finds great fun in the varied reactions he gets, there are only a few situations where he wont slip in one of his puns. One of his favourite stories to tell is about his older brother Fishfingers, often blowing things out of proportion a little when it comes to him.
Sarcastic – When he needs to be, Stone can have quite the sarcastic streak, this usually happens when others are spouting out hare brained ideas or are complaining, it also occurs when he spots members of his clan who haven’t done anything but sit in camp and do nothing but day dream instead of going out and earning their keep. He’s never very loud when he’s sarcastic, usually so its just between him and the one who is on the receiving end of it, occasionally if pushed enough a slightly cold or cruel joke can escape
Grim realist – Underneath the joking and bants, Stonepool surprisingly is rather grim, the needs and wants of the clan trouble him especially in winter. He’s a firm believer of everyone pulling their weight as he knows the clan cant support itself if they don’t. He’s always aware of how many are hunting, the size of the fresh kill pile and whether or not they can afford to let other potential liabilities or drains join the clan. He is a voice of reason and will make himself heard when he feels things are getting too airy fairy, his paws are firmly rooted on the ground and he’ll pull others heads out of the clouds if the time calls for it.

Likes: Naps in the sun, Cracking jokes, telling bad puns, brightening up moments with puns, ice skating in winter, playing in the water, Sharing fresh kill, good times, making others laugh or groan with his jokes
Dislikes: Frogs, Frenchies (Cant trust snail and frog eaters ok), slackers who don’t pull their weight, sombre moments, stupid things being said
Fears: Running out of puns and jokes, the lake drying up, the clan going hungry

History: Born to two prestigious Stormclan Warriors, his family decided to stay with Riverclan as they preferred fishing over eating frogs, after all they weren’t French. He was mentored by the sweet and somewhat hyper Sugarrush, and under the somewhat erratic tutelage learnt the basics of how to protect and provide for his clan. Made a warrior along with his siblings, he was soon awarded Bouncepaw who he tortured with his bad puns and faithfully installed a good sense of humor, it wasn’t long before Bouncepaw was made Bouncetail and off doing his own adventures. Again he was made a mentor this time to Shellsplash a rather anxious youngster, under his expert guidance she learned how to have confidence in herself and she enjoyed his bad puns a fair bit more too, he still considers her a daughter to him. A young dog entered the clan a while back who he was also given to mentor, thankfully she too enjoyed his puns and with his expertly cooked teaching is now Follyfoot. During all this time the male never really has had time to peruse the ladies, none have really caught his eye and so he continues on with his sarcasam, puns and can do attitude.

Father: Riverstone
Mother: Pebbleskip
Siblings: Mossfeather, Fishfingers, Swiftstream, Mudleap
Other Relationships
Current Apprentice: Hollowpaw
Past Apprentices: Bouncetail, Shellsplash, Follyfoot
Mate: None
Pups: none
Friends: These are who this male saves his truly worst puns for and humour, incidentally it is only these closest wolves that are able to access who he is under the bants, humour and merriment. The realisim that he usually keeps to himself, and well hidden mind you bubbles to the surface seemingly out of nowhere at times.  
Current Friends:Follyfoot
Acquaintances: These canines he’s friendly and isn’t afraid to make light hearted banter and puns, he dosent let them see anything that lies underneath the surface. Always to these wolves he appears to be a kind hearted dork with nothing in his brain apart from humour
Current Aquaintances: Riverclan
Strangers: Around those he dosent know he’s usually rather forward, introducing himself and treating the others as if they’re already friends with him
Current Strangers:Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Windclan, Sunclan, Loners, Rogues
Enemies: Enemies are welcomed with harsh sarcasm and his grim realism, he has no issue with mocking them or even coming up with cruel bants about them
Current Enemies:none

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