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PostSubject: Skyfire   Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:07 pm

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The Basics
Name: Skyfire
Nicknames: Sky
Gender:  Female
Species: Huntaway x Australian Cattle dog
Clan: Loner
Rank: Loner
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 1 year six months

Skill Points
Agility: 20
Defense: 5

Coat Color: Black
Fur Markings and Scars: White socks, tip of tail, chest and stripe up muzzle, all white has black spots
Eye color: Dark brown
Build: Lean

Independent – Skyfire hates the idea of relying on anyone else to help her do things, as she believes that if that happens she’ll become useless, she hates the idea of anyone else relying on her as she’s somewhat afraid that she’ll let them down and disappoint them although no one would ever find out such a fact from her. She’ll hotly deny any attachment to anyone else and announce that being a loner on her own is the best way to be as all her problems are her own.
Serious - It should be noted that sky does not have a sense of humor, she’s quite serious she gets to humor is dry sarcasm. She gets rather irritated with jokes and others trying to lighten the mood with humor, theres no place for it in her book, that and she just dosent get them. She wasn’t raised with jokes and japes, she was raised on a farm where there was always work to do and there was no time for such silly business.
Spunky – Not one to back down, Skyfire is blessed with a courageous heart and a determined spirit, she sets her heart and mind on something and follows through no matter the cost. Occasionally this means she can bite off more than she can chew, but usually she’ll chew it anyway and figure a way to make what she wants happen. She likes to win, so despite not being one for fighting she’ll come up with other ways to win even if that means cheating or simply outmanoeuvring others.
Quick Thinking – Not one to dither over situations, her  mind is always quick to come up with a solution or another way of doing things and this transcribes into her talking as well. Rather quick to come up with smart retorts when she feels she’s been wronged, Skyfire is often one to brush off another’s woes and issues as to her way of thinking you can’t go around moaning about how awful your life is and expect it to get better.
Judgemental – First impressions are everything with this dog, and she’s not one to change her opinion of someone once that opinion has been formed. She’s not afraid to say off hand comments that pick at others and how they could change to become better. The only ones that escape this critical judgement are pups, even those she is close with receive her comments sometimes even more so as showing gentle affection is rather difficult for her.
Emotional Cactus – Although at first glance seeming rather mild although standoffish and a little cold, Skyfire is extremely thorny when she starts to get close to others, pretending she dosen’t care about them and often lashing out verbally. It’s the only way she really knows how to cope with such things, the more she cares about someone the more she acts up and makes out that they don’t mean anything to her.

Likes: Running, Playing in water, hunting
Dislikes: Feeling like she owes others, forming close bonds with others, relying on others for help
Fears: Getting her heart broken like her mother

History: Born to a huntaway bitch named Moxie, Skyfire was raised with one sister and two brothers, her father Blue was close with her especially out of all of her siblings. When he decided that he was going to leave her mother and the farm, refusing she decided to stay and watched what his betrayal did to her siblings and mother. Never adopted she was about a year old when she was picked up by the fighting ring to use as a bait dog, predictably she had no experience fighting  but what saved her life was her high agility, keeping moving until the other dog was exhausted, managing to slip through the humans hands and escape she’s been roaming the great wild by herself. Using her speed and ability to learn she managed to teach herself how to hunt birds and anything else she can eat.

Father: Blue
Mother: Moxie
Siblings: Bluebell, Rock, Spot-what
Other Relationships
Current Apprentice: none
Past Apprentices: NA
Mate: None
Pups: none
Current Friends:None
Acquaintances: Aquaintences are usually treated similarly to strangers, with not much separating the two except shes a bit more tolerant when it comes to being polite.
Current Aquaintances: None
Strangers: Strangers are met very civilly, she’s careful to be polite enough until she feels they’ve insulted her which is when she’ll pull them up quite quickly on it
Current Strangers:none
Enemies: enemies are treated very neutrally, her dislike and mistrust of them noticeable to someone who pays close attention to how she carries herself and her word choice
Current Enemies:none

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