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 Vampire Villain Couple

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PostSubject: Vampire Villain Couple   Wed May 09, 2018 10:56 pm

Arthur, vampire. FC: Henry Cavill
Changed about the same time Norman’s invaded England, he quickly joined the winning side
He enjoys the lavish lifestyle because previously he had nothing, he found his wife during the Black Plague and saw someone who had the ability to compliment him and make them both great. He changed her and saved her life, elevating her to his status
He’s not rash
He’s clinical
Precise and deadly like a scalpel
Hendosent mince words like ice
Controlling of those that work for him, he dosent tolerate mistakes
He likes keeping things around his favourite place, skins of fierce predators, a set of sharks teeth and jaws, he believes vampires are alpha predators
If he had a day job it’d be as a nurse at a hospital
Easy to find blood
And people would like and respect him
When needed he can be quite persuasive and silver tongued
He works with guns and other weapons, guns are quite impersonal to him, close quarter weapons and torture when someone has really stepped over the line, even then he’s cold and clinical
He’s good with computers, numbers and hacking,

Wife, vampire. FC: Kristen Stewart
App a woman, brown hair v soft gentle brown eyes, averagely pretty face wise, v nicely put together body wise, faint resemblance to jory
Runs a line of casinos that are a front for drugs, v cunning and tricky
V good at playing the victim
Married to a man who has ties to the mafia, very much a power couple that have that illusion of normal nice couple who holiday a fair bit
They work together and basically have their own little empire that rivals Dani’s
comes up with the details of plans; him going I wanna do this, her doing the fine print
Expanding on plan idea she’s very good at planning and fighting, worked in the us army under a false identity to learn everything they had to teach and ended up in special forces
Her weapon is kindness
She’s so kind and gentle seeming that people would want to help her
She comes across motherly but hates children
She’d appear to be selfless yep, underneath she cares about herseld her business and her husband
Unshakeable loyalty for arthur
she’s good ar forging things
She can change accents and is skilled at changing her appearance

They share all their businesses with each other
They really adore each other
No secrets
Very strong united couple - they will sleep woth others to further business or if the other is busy, but they’re best with each other
Flirty when it’s just them, when they’re cooking up a scheme
They’ve had the years and experience to absorb information and adapt

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Vampire Villain Couple
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