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PostSubject: Sofia    Thu May 17, 2018 4:20 pm

General Information

Name: Sofia Sforza
Nickname: Sofie, Sof
Age: 300 (Looks about 23)
Gender: Female
Species: Born a shadow master, brought back as a shifter and then turned into a Faerie
Sexuality: Bisexual


Hair colour and length: Brown wavy hair that reaches down past her collar bones
Eye colour: Bright green
Scars and skin: White, a deep scar that runs from between her collar bones down to her navel
Body Mods: Ears pierced
Height: 5.5 or 1.7 meters
Build: Lean and curved, the sort that draws male attention


Personality: Cunning
Knowledge hoarder

Likes: Collecting shiny things, collecting information, knowing more than those around her, night time, stars

Dislikes: The feel of copper and iron against her, admitting she dosent know something
Fears: dying again
Favourite Haunts: Roof tops
Hobbies: Digging up information, getting other faeries in debt to her


Weaknesses: Copper, Iron - both bind her,
Strengths: She's resistant to silver due to having a fair bit of it permanently in her system, Can shift into a leopard, silver tongued
Preferred Weapon: Knives
Pinterest: Sofias Pinterest
History: Born a shadow master she escaped while young and ended up falling in love with a man named Leonardo, she was pregnant with his child when she was recaptured by her grand mother and placed into a room with her newest toy. KIllian and Sofia became friends and over time he became like family, the man she'd only recently married and the father of her unbeknownst to them twins managed to sneak in to work as their keeper. One day he vanished and it was not a week later that Sofias shadows were torn out o fher and given to Killian, this killed her however her grandmother forcibly brought her back to life and took her children away once they were born. After this she was turned into a living weapon, saturated with silver that she couldn't even be outside while the sun was up without covering her skin from it and wearing thick sunglasses. After several deccades she was found by Aterl a faerie prince who turned her into a faerie curing most of the silver poisoning and enlisting her in his service as a spy master for his kingdom.

Ice - Grandmother
Jet - Aunt
Kelly - Mother
Leonardo - Husband (Deceased)
Piero - Twin brother (Deceased)
Killian - Little brother
Oliver - Son
Daniella - Daughter

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