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 May Thornton

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PostSubject: May Thornton   Thu May 17, 2018 4:21 pm

General Information

Name: May Thornton
Nickname: Red, Maple
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human changed into a shifter
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Hair colour and length: Dark red hair hanging down to 3/4 way down her arm
Eye colour: Forest green
Scars and skin: Pale skin with plenty of freckles, a collection of scars gained from her general clumsiness
Body Mods: None
Height: 5.1
Build: Not all that curvy, comfortably padded


Socially Anxious
Determined - determined to learn new things even though it takes her a while to learn them, usually knew abilities obtained through obsessively re-reading and practice

Likes: Reading, warm hugs, spending time with those she cares about, Books with facts and story books, singing while doing activities

Dislikes: Books that haven't been treated well, conflict, the dark, Crowds, being made to talk infront of crowds
Fears: Being alone in the world, monsters
Favourite Haunts: Libraries
Hobbies: Reading, Learning how to do new things


Weaknesses: Easily Manipulated, Forgiving, She can't shift while wearing copper,
Strengths: She has a stubborn streak if things are gone about the wrong way, Forgiving, determined, can shift into a large wolf
Preferred Weapon: Knowledge, a hard cover book or her wolf form
Pinterest: Maples Pinterest
History: .
Jared Thornton - Father
Mary-Ann Thornton - Mother

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May Thornton
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