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PostSubject: Jahari   Thu May 17, 2018 4:29 pm

General Information

Name: Jahari
Nickname: Hari, Jari
Age: 2025
Gender: Female
Species: African Shawoman
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Hair colour and length: Black hair braided into hundreds of small braids with beads woven into them
Eye colour: Bright gold
Scars and skin: Black, an odd assortment of scars she no longer remembers getting, her nose has been broken quite a few times and never healed nicely.
Body Mods: A moku on her chin, tribal tattoos winding up her legs and onto her torso
Height: 5.6
Build: Built like a brick shit house



Likes: Eating termites, helping those in her village, pestering Niko, going for bush walks, the rainy season, swimming, tracking animals, turning poachers and irritating white men into animals to be hunted

Dislikes: White men, being caged, poachers, killing for no reason, the dry season, naggers, others worrying about her
Fears: Niko being hurt/killed, the country she loves being bled dry by greedy white men
Favourite Haunts: Her assortment of shacks, the village, the savannah and bush
Hobbies: Turning Poachers into animals, bush walks, occasional mischief


Weaknesses: Jahari is racist, mostly due to the effect greedy white people have had on her world. Her Cousin is her only real family left and thus she cares deeply about him
Strengths: The ability to speak with animals, she's adept with voo doo magics
Preferred Weapon: A sharp jabby stick
Pinterest: Jaharis Pinterest
History: From a young age she was destined to be Shaman one day, always very close with her cousin Niko the pair spent most of their child hood together growing up in a hidden pocket of west africa, as they grew older more details of her course of life changed things. She would not die of old age, she'd remain the same as those around her grow older, to her surprise and horror her cousin sold away his rights to become a faerie, trapped in the faerie world paying off his debt by working for the prince who'd turned him. Leaving jahari to survive and keep their tribe alive on her own
Agu - Ancient Ancestor
Niko - Cousin

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