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 Don Foster

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PostSubject: Don Foster   Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:08 am

Donald Joseph Foster (x)


Gender: Male
Age: 19, March 12th

Appearance: Don is plain looking but, if he cleaned
up, he'd be nice looking. He can be found in cheap suits
with his hair slicked back. He has a soft southern drawl, and
is very pleasant to hear. However, his English is very relaxed,
full of slang and dropped 'g's. He also has a silver flask on him
at all times. He has dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes that,
typically, have dark circles under them due to lack of sleep.

Personality: Don's a drinker and a smoker. He doesn't
care who knows it. He can come off as rather abrupt and even
rude at times. He speaks truths that should normally not be
said. He's quite the charmer with the ladies, though, using his
lovely accent to appear a sweet, innocent farmboy. In some
ways, he really is kind and has a very good heart. He won't
stand by if someone is being harassed.

History: Don was born in southern Georgia. His town
was a run down old place, still left poor by the Civil War. He
lived alone with his drunk father and mother. His father was
very abusive to him and his mother would sit back and watch
it happen. He live there until the age of 14 when his parents
heard a rumor that more gold had been found in California.
Once there, his parents, surprisingly, found something. In
fact, they'd found a large amount. Don took this opportunity
and stole around $700 worth. He moved to New York City
and became a common mobster. Eventually, he was caught
and served a year in prison before moving to Scotland with
his cousin in search of work and a fresh start.

Parents: Ellen and George Foster.
Siblings: None.
Other Family: Jackson Harrison
Children: None.

Likes: Women, being
right, the ocean.
Dislikes: Being patronized,
bugs, small children.
Orientation: Straight.
Crush: None.
Girlfriend: None.
Exes: Tallulah Jennings, Olivia.

Other: --
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Don Foster
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