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 Diego De La Rosa

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PostSubject: Diego De La Rosa   Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:49 pm


☣ Name ☣
His given name was Diego, his full name Diego De La Rosa. Born to Guadalupe Maria De La Rosa and an unknown father.
☣ Nickname ☣
Though Diego does not mind what he is called, he will certainly tell you if he does not accept it. For now his most current nicknames are Baldy and Muscles.
☣ Gender ☣
Well if you could not tell by just his simple brute appearance than I shall tell you before you ask him. He is a male, M-A-L-E. Male.
☣ Age ☣
Diego was born on the darkest of nights when the moon his itself from view. He does not know his own age but believes himself to be around twenty-five. Though age to him does not matter.


☣ Personality ☣
Diego is just another male trying to prove a point in the world, but he does not do it so madly. Diego is more peaceful and calm, not one to rush into things blindly but rather takes his time to think things through and plan. He can appear to be quiet and reticent but he will always speak his mind even if it is the horrible truth. He believes in truth and honesty and the will to die with honor. His life is lived by his own set of codes which may seem strange to some. the man may be a ruthless murderer but even he has his standards and boundaries and he will not cross them for anything. Around friends he can be easy going and relaxed one to enjoy a good joke. He can also be quite wise beyond his years and his uncanny ability to read anothers feelings aide him in helping those he does care about. Those lucky few. For anyone seen as an enemy or worthy of death, he is a monster. A ruthless creature with no sense of dignity, but he is far from it. The man does not kill for fun, no but because of the need the world i in of a few deaths. He can be quote a gentleman when need be and always has a thought or two.
☣ Description ☣
Diego is most definitely someone you cannot lie and say, "Oh sorry, didn't see you there." You;d have to be blind or truly strange not to notice this brute of a man. Diego stands easily at 6'7 already an incredible height alone. But he is not tall and lanky oh no, this man is packed with muscle so thick if he were to stand still and pose as a tree he;d most likely pass. It is not fat, muscles accumulated over many hard years of work have built up giving the already incredibly intelligent young man something else to boast for. Any simple movement will cause something to pop or stand out and at times he just likes showing off his strength. He claims to "shave his head" and it is true, he prefers the bald look to his head full of hair and as he would say he likes, "the wind on his bare head". He has a kind face, able to make anyone melt on the spot and that truly hides his true aggressive and killing nature. He has rather full cheeks making his smile just the cheekier, a slender nose and piercing gray eyes, that seem to fade from very light to a dark almost black.
☣ History ☣

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Diego De La Rosa
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