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 Thomas Lee

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PostSubject: Thomas Lee   Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:38 am


♠ Name ♠
Thomas Lee, a rather common name and it has no real history to it. Just two parents wanted to call their son Thomas and their last name was Lee.
♠ Nickname ♠
Thomas is not particular on last names, he has been called lots of things some of them okay... and some quite degrading. He still would prefer you to call him Tom, or Lee. Tommy is reserved for his parents and he hates it to say the least.
♠ Gender ♠
Well, Thomas is a male, a boy, a man. As you wish.
♠ Age ♠
Thomas was born September 2 exactly nineteen years ago.


♠ Personality ♠
♠ Description ♠
♠ History ♠

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Thomas Lee
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