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 Lucius Gray ~ The Red Knight

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PostSubject: Lucius Gray ~ The Red Knight   Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:49 pm

The Basics:
Lucius Gray
The Red Knight
August 23

|Hair color|
Dark brown, almost black.
|Eye color|
Grey blue
He dresses down quite often, donning a suit
a good amount of the time. His armour
is often used only in battle.He's fairly handsome,
though he's a bit intimidating.

Down Deep
Lucius is stern, he always keeps a somewhat
charming, yet intimidating, smirk plastered on
his face a good portion of time. He's quite the
flirt. He is loyal and unwavering in his post.

"I would prefer to keep my past to myself, my
past is nothing you nor anyone else would need
to know. What matters is the present."
"Serving my King."
"The White Knight, mostly. All who follow
the White King are idiots, though."

"Fears make you weak."

Your Heart
"Why would I have one of those?"
"I have none."
|BF or GF|
"I don't have time for relationships."
"Doesn't matter."

"That is of no consequence."
"No, none."

|Anything else|
"Move along."
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Lucius Gray ~ The Red Knight
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