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 Sophia Jae Parks

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PostSubject: Sophia Jae Parks    Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:11 am

Quote :
We live in a hostile world, I attempt to not only survive but thrive.
❅ ❅ ❅

Name: "My name is Sophia, Sophia Jae Parks. The name 'Sophia' comes from a Greek origin meaning, "Wisdom". The name Jae means, "Respect" in Korean. How they apply to me, I will never know for I am just the opposite."
Nickname: "I call myself 'Flake', but Sophia or Jae is fine as well."
Gender: "I am a female of the human race."
Age: "Nineteen years, nineteen years old not young. It's not like I'm going backwards."

❅ ❅ ❅

Personality: "I will describe myself to the best of my abilities. I consider myself to be quite intelligent. I like the challenge of new obstacles and am rather good with problems. I also seem a bit shy, because well I am. First time encounters are always quiet, and even if I do know you, I prefer to remain quiet. Strong willed may be another trait of personality I possess. If I say I will do something, I will get it done. I am no liar, I keep true to my word. However, these are my cover ups, the first things you meet. I am cunning and secretive, quick to act and rather rude, (if our relationship, reaches that point).  I enjoy my time in the dark, and cold places. The rain I see as my friend, the wind as my ally. Yet, what I do not like is the sun (too hot, if you ask me) I hate perky people and being the center of attention. If you ask what I fear, I will not answer, but this is just between you and me. I fear, fear itself. I am scared of being scared of anything, so I act bold and outgoing when truthfully I may just feel... frightened.
Description: "You wish me to describe myself as well? I shall humor you. My hair is long and straight, dark brown in color. My skin is pale and quite smooth. Below my bangs, my eyes are also dark brown. They get a light glint to them when I am excited. I am sure you can decipher the rest for yourself. I stand at around 5'7, and weigh about I would say... 100 lbs. My form is feminine and small, thin and fragile looking, but it is anything but. My voice is rather soft and is almost always a whisper. Yet it is fluid enough that even as a whisper you will always hear it, like the soft rustle of the wind in the trees."
History: "I was born in California, which town... I no longer remember. Both of my parents were native to the country of Korea, though they met here in the U.S. They had lived here most of their lives, so much of their mother country was forgotten as well. We lived in the sunny state of California for about a year after I was born before moving to the chilly state of New York. There you could say I had a good life. Only child, two working parents, good school, good grades. But something happened. I was at school, we were supposed to leave school early that day. I was so excited, I remember the day well, I had gotten very good grades and I knew my parents would be proud of me. I waited, and waited and waited, but no one ever returned. The rain began to fall upon the earth, and I knew that if I didn't get home soon I would be stuck here. So I made my way home, lucky for me it was not far. I went upstairs, opened the door and the house was empty. Not a soul stirred. Confusion plaguing my head I settled to watch television, telling myself my parents were fine. I was only nine years old, and until this day I do not know what happened to my parents. The days after that were a blur, I was found living on my own for a while and after a long time of waiting in a strange place with other children a couple came along and took me home. I will not mention my time there because that is why I am the way I am. Once I ran away from there, I dedicated my life to stealing. It was hard in the beginning but it got easier. Especially after I turned sixteen. On one of my many trips to steal, I felt extremely cold and with a glance down to my hands I found them to look as if they were crystallized. Everything after that is a blur, I do not remember much after finding out about these strange powers, but I have them. Where they came from I do not know, but I do know that they are quite effective in a fight or a quick steal."

❅ ❅ ❅

Powers: "If you wish for a single worded answer, I would say, "Ice". But I do not think that is enough. When I say 'Ice' I mean I control the ice, I form the ice from the air around me. My weapons are made of ice and I use them quite proficiently."
"Here's a twist for you..."

Quote :
Posting Exmple



Quote :

No one




The sun had not yet risen over the horizon, the dawn was just beginning to lighten after the dark night. The breeze that blew through the city was cool and refreshing. Sophia was enjoying this tranquil time. Not many things were out and about, a few early cars were driving by, the birds were already pecking at the floor, in the midst of all of this Sophia enjoyed her time alone. This was her thinking time, her time to meditate. She was a simple person, one of not many needs, but what she did require was her time to think alone and in peace. I am not doing what is wrong, I am doing what I have to do to survive. My parents believed in me but what could they ask from me now, when I have nothing left? Her thoughts always wandered to her parents, wondering if they would approve of her actions. Yet the girl would always find a way to justify her actions and would quietly smile at herself. In her mind, everything she did was right. She couldn't just survive in a place like this, she had to thrive and conquer her own obstacles.

Jae looked down at her hands, and in less than seconds she could feel them colder than normal, a sly grin spreading over her soft features. She was colder than a normal person, never warm to the touch, so the early morning gray with its cool winds from the north were always welcome to her. Slowly Jae stood up, dusting off her pants. The sun had risen higher, and already people were flocking the streets. The girl had remained to long in one place and wold have to make it back to her 'home' before everything got to hectic.

Quietly she dashed off, through the streets and through the crowds that were gathering. Vendors were already out, calling out to the passers by. Sophia stopped and looked at one of the stands. Hot dogs. She could do well with one of those in her stomach this early in the day. Quietly she walked up, eyes wide with anticipation. She ordered in a quiet whisper and as she was handed the meal, her grin spread out. The man asked for so much, but she didn't have anything to give him, so with a quick 'goodbye' she ran off, leaving the man in confusion and anger as her small form disappeared in the crowd. She'd never be able to just walk up there anymore.
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Sophia Jae Parks
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