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 Nathan Hawks

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PostSubject: Nathan Hawks   Nathan Hawks I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 10:13 pm

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The Basics
Name: Nathan Hawks
Nickname: Nate, Nick,
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Nathan Hawks Jfuj40

Hair colour: Brown
Height: 1.83 meters tall
Scars and Tattoos: Nothing to note
Piercings: left ear has a simple stud in it
Eye Color: Blue

Nathan Hawks 1z52hdt

Personality: Laid back and quick to smile he enjoys biology and how animal and human bodies work to keep them going. He shares his brothers determination and stubboness but is easier to manipulate, he gives into others pressures easy. Enjoys puzzles that make him think, he's intelligent and often times seems quite unaware of this fact.
Strengths: He's passionate about his writing, Intelligent, determined, caring, quick thinking
Weaknesses: His family, His love of bad jokes, isn't good at standing up for himself or others, he dosen't often take things as seriously as he should
Likes: Getting good pictures of animals, finding animals he's never documented before, the smell of the earth after its rained, Animals, puzzles, the odd pun
Dislikes: Unnecessary death, The Government, corruption, people blaming the military for the governments mistakes
Fears: Extinction of even more species, running out of room on his camera
Nathan Hawks 2vagp5x
History:He's always looked up to his big brother and admired him, being more of a bookish type he was encouraged to study hard and focus on getting good grades while his brother signed up with the Military. He had no interest in what he was learning at school, and as he got older he found it harder to keep his grades up. After school he went to and promptly dropped out of college, despite the fact that he was excellent with biology he had the itch to travel, as such he began writing online and travelling from place to place observing animals and plants as he's only ever studied. After travelling for some time he brought a good quality camera to document what he finds, uploading this along with his writing to a website.
Older brother: Snake/Jacob

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Nathan Hawks
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