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 Claire or Seasprite

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PostSubject: Claire or Seasprite   Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:44 am

The Basics
Name: Claire ->Seasprite
Nicknames: Clairebear
Gender:  Female
Species:  Iberian wolf
Clan:  Loner -> Sunclan
Rank:  Loner -> Warrior
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 6 moons

Skill Points
Agility: 4
Defense: 2
Coat Color:  Black
Fur Markings and Scars: Dark black backs of ears and tip of tail,
slightly darker than main colour paws

Eye color: Green

 Fiesty - Claire has plenty of spunk, not afraid to resist order and do things her own way, she has no issue with rebelling against things if she feels they are unfair. AThis means she often gets into arguements or disagreements with others as she wont just go along with things if she dosent wish to do them.
Determined/Stubborn - Stubborn and determined once Claire decides she's going to do something not much can stop her from following through with it. This could be from hunting something to finding the perfect shell to add to her collection.
Brave - Not faint hearted in the least Claire will stand up to anything and anyone, not afraid to say what she thinks and feels. Not much phases her and little scares her, even when she is scared she mainly hides it and only those very close with her can pick up on her fear .
Loyal - Loyalty is something Claire prizes greatly, her biggest loyalty is to her father figure Julian and her close friend Killian. She prizes Loyalty from others and if becomes loyal to others expects loyalty in return, little can shake her faith and loyalty in something unless its something big.
Compassionate - Although cold and indifferent towards those who are not her friend, Claire is not uncompassionate. To those she cares about deeply they receive her compassion and affections, she has the ability to understand what others are going through and feel for them while keeping it hidden and surprisingly shows mercy towards those as long as they are not enemies.
Cheeky- With a select few her cheeky side comes out, its thanks to her adoptive father Julian that she developed this. It manifests in smart comments, cheeky back talk and levels of sass, its usually accompanied with bright sparkling eyes. Sometimes the cheekiness will come out in bursts of play such as pouncing onto one without warning
Independent -  Claire is fiercely independent, not one to let others go around and do things for her she has a stubbornness about doing things herself. Happy to wander she isn't tied down easily, the rare times she lets someone do something for her is when its her father or someone she cares enough about to let them. Despite her dislike of letting others do things for her Claire is more than happy to help out those in need   

Likes: The sea, The beach, Swimming
Dislikes: Being imprisoned, Julian dying
Fears: Her mother,

History: Claire was born to Jet and Raiden, her mother was very controlling and cold, teaching her daughter that the only way to survive is to be cold and keep others distanced from her. One day her parents never came back when she was roughly six months old, luckily found by a Kelpie named Julian who took her in and has since become more of a father than her real dad.

FriendsThose fortunate or perhaps persistent enough to become this females friend get her real self, the outgoing, cheeky side not the cold defensive walls she's built up around herself  
AcquaintancesAcquaintances that know this female get shown a very cold and distant side of her, she keeps them at bay and is very reluctant to let anyone close to her. Any attempts to get to know her are usually brushed off and ignored, sometimes she comes out with sarcasm or sassy remarks
StrangersStrangers are treated very much like acquaintances, they are treated with a very calm cool respect however she is anything but friendly. Frigid and reserved little is shown of her true personality
EnemiesEnemies are treated with a cold burning disgust or hatred sometimes both, they are chased off or she removed herself from the situation not having the patience to deal with someone that has earned her loathing
Father: Raiden
Adoptive Father: Julian
Mother: Jet
Siblings: Nathan
Relatives: Killian
Mate: None as of yet
Pups: None yet, shes not opposed to the idea of having them with the right male

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Claire or Seasprite
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