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 Wolf Lana

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PostSubject: Wolf Lana   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:33 pm

The Basics
Name: Lana
Gender: Female
Age: Mature at 4 1/2 years old
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf
Rank: Asassin
Allignment: Neutral Evil
Coat Color: Her coat is an otter brown, with different hints of lighter colors through it. The outer coat that protects her from the elements is wiry and slightly coarse to the touch whilst the undercoat that keeps her warm is soft and down like.
Fur Markings and Scars: She has short black fur on her face giving her the look of a masked wolf which suits her fine. Under the thick brown fur around her neck is a heavy scar where a chain once rested.
Eye color: a bright sunshine yellow, and a gaze that seems to be able to read your inner most thoughts.

Personality:To say that she is two faced is an understatement, it is nigh high impossible to detect what she is actually thinking underneath her features. The masks that she shows the world are well crafted and completely convincing, she has no sense of duty nor honor and will sell her services such as her fighting skills or her way with words to those who would pay the most. She loves to come out on top and out wit any other wolves, it gives her a sort of thrill. She is also rather uncaring, and would watch a pup being slaughtered without batting an eyelid.
Likes: She loves coming out on top, reading other wolves, watching others break
Dislikes: it is hard to figure out what she dislikes although boredom would have to be it
Fears: Fear itself
History: Her past is relitavly well hidden but what can be gleamed from it is that at some point a thick heavy chain rested around her neck leaving thick scars underneath the fur. What this means noone really knows and Lana as she goes by now will not disclose her past to anyone, her past is in the past as she would like to say and others can try to figure it out but will generally always get it wrong.
Friends - She dose'nt ever really make friends, she is the sort who prefers to mock others and read their every move.
Acquaintances -She is indifferent to these and would easily see them killed without the blink of an eye
Strangers - These are ones who she has not yet read
Enemies -She never really views anyone as an enemy
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Wolf Lana
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