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 Catalina de Rosa

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PostSubject: Catalina de Rosa   Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:59 am

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Catalina de Rosa
"The Mercenary"

Gender: Female
Age: 23, June 11th

Basic Looks:
Catalina is a short 5'3, but quick and agile. She's leanly muscled
with tan skin. Honey-brown eyes and dark brown hair help to give
away the fact that she was born in Spain, though no trace of accent
remains. Her hair has a particular style to it, including braids, tie-
ins, and a magenta color in a couple of places. She wears leather
armors and can easily be spotted in a crowd. If needed, she will
adapt and blend in, but every day wear is aalway this armor.
Scars adorn her skin here and there, though never on her
face or neck. She tends to hide them with a jacket.

Cat is rough around the edges. Her background is typically
kept quiet, but it's clear her upbringing wasn't gentle. She's
a strong woman, a natural when it comes to fighting and
even to killing. She is precise and clean with any kill she
makes. She bears the marks of having been raised to fight
and kill. Underneath the tough skin and air of uncaring, she
can be fiercely protective.

Catalina's past is shrouded in mystery, even for her. She has
never met her parents and her first memories are of being
taken from an orphanage by some men. She was raised to kill,
fight, spy, and to do whatever else was needed of her. She was
one of many girls trained for this. Only five of these girls surv-
ived the training. Deals went bad and those in charge were
slaughtered. The girls escaped and helped each other to find
ways in life. Over time, each of the girls has been picked off.
As far as Cat is aware, she is the last.

Orientation: Unknown
Status: Single
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Catalina de Rosa
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